The Cosmic Duo includes our best-selling Galactic Rolling Papers and our newest puffware, the Borealis Cigarette Holder. This limited edition gift set is everything you need to puff, puff, pass through your universe safely. 

To blast off into the stratosphere, just roll up one of our Galactic Rolling Papers and place it in your Borealis Cigarette Holder. Our pure hemp rolling papers come in a sleek, holographic package and double in your handbag as oil blotting sheets. Tips are thin and slow burning with king size rolling papers and 33 leaves per booklet.

Although we made it for safety, our opera-length cigarette holder in Kahlo Blush pink makes every puff feel so special that you’ll want to use it all the time. Reminiscent of the ethereal Northern Lights, this exquisite hand-blown glass cigarette holder is handmade by a Black artist in New Mexico. Each Borealis Cigarette Holder is a one-of-a-kind work of art all your own. Slight variations show the artist's hand. Also available in Amer Herbe green and Adela Lavender.

These chic smoking accessories make the perfect gift for smokers and also come à la carte.


Materials | Unbleached hemp and hand-blown glass

Dimensions | 4” long x .6” diameter and 4.38” long x 1.06” wide x .38” deep


For tobacco use only.

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