Cozy up with our luxe relaxation gift set. Run a hot bath, set a soothing mood with the scent of our High Tide candle, and complete your calm with a puff on our L’aperitif pre rolled cones. Our Unwind with Me Duo is the perfect way to gift a friend (or yourself!) with self care.

Our organic hemp cones are inspired by the tradition of the apéritif. Skip rolling by hand and pack these petite 1 1/4" (84mm) long, mini pre rolls with your mix of choice. Each box comes with 6 individual cones made from 100% organic hemp paper. Our pre rolled cones are unbleached, slow burning, and sealed with Arabic gum.

Heighten the enjoyment of your puff with our signature scented beeswax candle. Hand-poured in Brooklyn using local raw materials, our High Tide candle is crafted with a proprietary blend of beeswax, soy, and vegetable oil, and a 100% cotton wick. Perfect to set the mood for those elevated moments.

  • Heart notes: white fig, lime, patchouli + iris
  • Drydown notes: coconut milk, hyacinth leaves, liquid amber + sandalwood
  • Choose from 6 different labels

Our High Tide candle was created exclusively for House of Puff by Joya with approximately 50 hours of burn time. Choose from 6 different labels: Rise and Grind, Puff Puff Pass, High Functioning, Blunt, Chemically Calm, or Puff Off.

These chic smoking accessories also come à la carte.


Materials | Unbleached, organic hemp paper. Beeswax, soy, and vegetable oil with a 100% cotton wick in glass.


Pre rolled cones for tobacco use only.

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