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Skip inhaling the chemicals in lighters and matches. Instead, go natural when you're lighting up with organic hemp wick.

We love a hemp wick. So we dressed them up with our gorgeous Horatio Hemp Wick Holder. Just light the beeswax-covered hemp with your butane lighter or matches. Then puff your favorite blend to life with the chemical-free wick. 

As elegant as a French macaron, our holder keeps your sticky hemp wick nice and neat. When the wick is finished, just replace it with a new one on the holder.

Our hemp wick holders come wrapped in 10' of organic European hemp finished with organic local beeswax in Florida sourced from our friends at Latinx-owned Handmade by Hippies.

Available to match any mood in O'Keeffe Camelia, Gentileschi Green, Mickalene Marigold, Birgit Blue, Bourgeois Black, and Galactic White.

Material | Glazed stoneware and organic hemp wick


Hand wash.