Delight your guests—whether they’re drinkers, smokers, or both. Our Tribeca Tamper/Stirrer does double duty. Use it to elegantly stir up your cocktails. Or tamp down your blend with it. 

With a palette of 5 jewel-like colors to choose from, no one’s drink ever needs to get mixed up again. Choose from Emin Orchid pink, Gentileschi Green, Adela Lavender, Keun Cornflower blue, and Mickalene Marigold.

Mix and match or go monochrome to create your own stunning cocktail set of 4. Also makes the perfect gift for your favorite host!

This exquisite hand-blown glass swizzle stick/tamping stick is handcrafted by an artist in California.

Each hand-blown glass swizzle stick is a one-of-a-kind work of art all your own. Slight variations show the artist's hand.


Materials | Hand-blown borosilicate glass