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Support the LGBTQ community with pride all year long with our new Sophia Wallace Collection Rolling Papers.

For our third edition of our artist series papers, we teamed up with artist, Sophia Wallace, to wrap these beautiful papers in an image from her original installation, WE ARE HERE FOR THE REPOSSESSION.

This work of art is part of her CLITERACY project—and we can certainly all use more of that!A portion of the proceeds from each pack goes directly to the artist. Plus, with this collab, you’ll also support Housing Works, one of NYC’s most beloved nonprofits. Since 1990, they’ve been providing low-income and homeless New Yorkers affected by HIV/AIDS with access to critical services, including housing, healthcare, job training, and legal support.So you’re not just getting a work of art.

With every pack you buy, you’re also supporting the artist and empowering some of our community’s most marginalized individuals.

Our premium hemp rolling papers and slow-burning tips are unbleached and completely natural.King size papers sold in packs of 2.


More about the artist:

Sophia Wallace is a New York-based artist who has been working on her ongoing CLITERACY project for 11 years. With an unflinching lens and infectious wit, the artist asks us to recognize that everyone, including those with a clitoris, have the right to joyful embodiment. Or as Sophia puts it, “Democracy without CLITERACY? Phallusy.”

Material | Unbleached hemp, 33 leaves per booklet with thin, slow-burning tips.

For tobacco use only